Zachary Byron Helm (pyrotech_c3h8) wrote,
Zachary Byron Helm

Alrighty guys!  I asked a while back if people would be down for helping SORP Films make more movies and a lot of people said yes, so here is what's happening - I am no longer selling DVDs. All SORP films are going to be available for free download on our website from here on out (Started uploading the video files today, should be live in a few here) and ANYONE who contributes to our fund for more than $15 will get listed in the credits of Nurse Necro MD and Zombie Vice Squad as executive producers!

We made a kickass short film the other day to kick this all off....


Donating is easy, you don't need a Paypal account, just click this link below and use a credit or debit card, any help is GREATLY appreciated!

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